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Podcast Highlights

We believe in the power of engaging with our audience through our professional insights and sharing our journey and stories. In the media appearances featured here, we discuss the intricacies of financial planning, our personal journey, and how we can help you navigate the world of accounting and taxation. Join us on a journey of knowledge, inspiration, and connection!

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HerNation Podcast: "Outsource Your Life"

Listen to our recent appearance on the HerNation Podcast, where our founder discusses the transformative power of outsourcing in both business and personal life. Hosted by Sabrina Victoria, this episode delves into practical strategies and stories that demonstrate the value of smart delegation. Gain valuable insights into how our accounting and tax planning services are rooted in efficiency and innovation.

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Talk About Town: "From Humble Beginnings to Business Success"

In this engaging conversation, we share our journey from humble beginnings to establishing our presence in Prospect, KY. Learn about our founder's experiences, moving to the town, and the core principles that underpin our accounting and tax planning business. This podcast episode offers a glimpse into the person behind the business, making our services more relatable and accessible to our clients.

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Real Chat with Kat: "Mastering Business Growth: Lessons from a Dynamic Entrepreneur"

Our founder joins the Real Chat with Kat Podcast and shares her journey of starting a company at an early age and the craving for continuous growth. Ashley dives into the realities of entrepreneurship—the guilts, shames, and not-so-pretty moments—and the significance of writing down and working through those emotions. Learn why it's essential to focus on what's important to you, handle your baggage, and talk openly about the chaos in business. 

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The Successful Bookkeeper: "Planting The Seeds of Success"

Leaps of faith are never easy, we can often be left feeling like it is better to remain in a situation that makes us miserable, than take a risk on something new and different. It comes down to what we want from life. In the first of a two-part series, Ashley Chamberlain, Owner of Chamberlain and Good Company, reflects on the challenges of stepping into an entrepreneurial journey, outgrowing past experiences, and how the personal approach can make all the difference.

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